Chicago’s most popular rental neighborhoods

Google Analytics provides us an ongoing snapshot of the relatively popularity of the neighborhoods covered by our rental Guides and at-a-glance lists and maps.

During the last 30 days, according to Analytics, YoChicago’s most popular rental Guides were, in order of popularity: Lincoln Park, Lake View, South Loop, Gold Coast, River North, Loop / New East Side, Streeterville, Near West. The Lincoln Park Guide was viewed 50% more times than the Lake View Guide.

The South Loop, Loop / New East Side and Near West Guides cover the same area as the Downtown at-a-glance list, and collectively they received nearly as many views as the Lincoln Park Guide.

During the same time period, the most viewed at-a-glance apartment lists and maps were, in order: Downtown, Near North, Lincoln Park, Lake View West and Lake View East. The Downtown list was viewed 50% more times than Lake View East and West combined.

The Lincoln Park Guide was viewed more than twice as many times as the corresponding apartment list, and the downtown Guides were viewed 60% more times than the corresponding list.

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