CMK sells out 235 Van Buren, parking still available

235 Van Buren has sold the last of its 714 residential units. A few parking spaces remain available for sale, priced from $28,900 to $32,900 for single-car spaces and $46,900 to $49,900 for 2-car tandem parking. Monthly assessments range from $51 to $102 and property taxes are estimated at $50 to $100.

The Ralph Johnson-designed tower at 235 W Van Buren broke ground six years ago at a time when the condo market was beginning to crash.

The 46-story building had reached the 40th floor when I shot the above photo, almost exactly 5 years ago. Condo sales in the general market had come to an almost complete stand-still at the time. Vetro, a nearby condo, had just become the first of many projects to be liquidated at auction or go into foreclosure, and its developer filed for personal bankruptcy.

235 Van Buren continued to sell units through the worst of times and has sold rapidly during the recent market rebound. I’ve talked to many buyers at the development over the years, and heard their varied takes on its appeal. The most common were price, location, architecture, views and the concrete aesthetic of the units’ interiors. A recurring theme was the pleasant experience they had dealing with the sales team and the developer, CMK Companies. You can meet some of those buyers at 235 Van Buren’s video page.

Note: 235 Van Buren has been an advertising sponsor of YoChicago.

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