Comment of the day: Edgewater is Chicago's Miami Beach

Chicago, view north from Foster Ave beach

“Exactly, UptownR – that whole stretch of Sheridan, roughly between Foster and Devon, was meant to resemble the Miami oceanfront when the developers started building there in the postwar era. Of course, there are some pre-1940 buildings there as well, most famously the “Pink Building” at 5555 Sheridan.

“The only thing that’s holding me (and others) back from actually buying there, and savoring the vintage luxury atmosphere found within, is that the Pink Building stubbornly insists on staying as a co-op rather than facing the music and going condo. I predict it will happen, though, after a critical mass of the current residents are dead, and their heirs are stuck with unsaleable, unrentable and largely unmortgageable properties.”

“Local Realtor” responding to “UptownR’s” comment on our post about Catalpa Gardens’ colorful paint job

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