Condo tower planned for 2950 N Sheridan in Lake View

According to an article in Crain’s, Forman Realty Corp is planning a 19-story condo tower in Lake View, about half a mile north of the Lincoln Park 2520 site. The developer is a subsidiary of Wirtz Corp, which owns the Chicago Blackhawks and a sizable liquor distribution operation in Illinois.

Though many developers are holding off on new projects amid a depressed condo market, Forman vice president Arnie Piechocki believes prospects are good for his tower and plans to begin marketing its condos as soon as this summer.

“There hasn’t been anything new on Sheridan Road for 30 years or so,” he says. Moreover, “it’s only 79 units. It’s not like we’re building 400 condos that will be hard to sell.”

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