Crain’s: Nine new rental towers in the pipeline

SoNo tower sketch from Antunovich Associates, ChicagoThe second tower of SoNo is just one of nine rental high-rises, comprising 3,456 apartments, that are either under construction, breaking ground in 2011, or in the process of securing financing, according to a new Crain’s article (which is technically behind a paywall — subscribe! — but also totally easy to find if you know where to look.)

The buildings are:

Under construction:

SoNo (east tower), 840 W Blackhawk St:

  • 324 units
  • Developed by Smithfield Properties
  • Site preparation began in January 2011
  • Opening scheduled for spring 2012

Randolph Tower, 188 W Randolph St:

Groundbreaking scheduled:

1233 N Wells St:

  • 250 units
  • Developed by Hines Interests
  • Groundbreaking scheduled for April 2011
  • Opening scheduled for summer 2012

Southeast corner of Clark and Hubbard streets:

Seeking financing:

300 block of East Wacker Drive:

365 N Halsted St:

Northeast corner of Illinois and St Clair streets:

  • 325 units
  • Developed by Optima

73 E Lake St:

515 N Peshtigo Ct:

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