Failed condo gone rental in Jefferson Park

It was August of 2008 when we last looked in on Kennedy Estates, 4810 N Lavergne in Jefferson Park.

Six of the 22 2-bedroom, 2-bath units had been sold in the $280s and $290s, and the remaining units were priced from the $310s to the $360s. Pre-construction prices in 2006 had been quoted from the $330s to the $430s.

The “sold” units never closed. The building went through a foreclosure and came back on the market as a rental. According to a representative of the HP Ventures Group, the units are currently all rented at prices ranging from $1,600 to $2,800 a month. There are currently no vacancies, but units may be available in the spring.

When we first wrote about this project, nearly 7 years ago, our unfortunate headline billed it as Condominiums fit for a Kennedy. It’s currently being touted as “The Jewel of Jefferson Park.” Pick your poison.

A video from the project’s condo days:

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