Fifield opts for larger apartments in East Village, emerging neighborhoods

Steve Fifield and Fifield Company are best known for developing high-rise office buildings in the West Loop, the recently-opened K2 luxury tower and other high-rise apartments in the Fulton River District.

A year ago, after seeing people staying longer in the city and looking for larger spaces in emerging neighborhoods, Fifield Company set out to identify neighborhood sites where it could develop smaller 4-story buildings patterned after successful projects in Santa Monica.

Fifield Company recently closed on a site at 1850 W Chicago Ave where it will build two 16-unit, 4-story buildings with ground-level retail space. A third 16-unit building at the East Village site will be developed by Steve Fifield’s son Chris — his first rental project.

Fifield Company CEO Steve Fifield outlines the new venture in this video.

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