Five easy pieces: Laurie Kocal

Laurie Kocal

I met Laurie Kocal of Prudential Rubloff at a brokers open house at Superior 110 in River North on Wednesday evening, and asked her to take part in our five-question Q&A. Here’s what she had to say:

In a word or short sentence, describe the mood of the market.

What’s the most common question you hear from buyers?
“What will it be worth for resale?”

What’s your best piece of advice for sellers?
Be patient.

Give me your best “There’s never been a better time to buy!” pitch.
It’s not going to get any cheaper than it is. Wait until the last quarter and you’ll get even lower prices from sellers who want to cut their losses, people who want to move on. Those will be serious sellers.

What’s the wildest, weirdest, or worst marketing ploy you’ve come across lately?
What’s driving me nuts are e-mail blasts. My mailbox is flooded by the same people weekly.

Check back tomorrow for more insights and footage from the Superior 110 brokers open house.

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