Showers tread line between luxury and excess

Kohler shower Forget about that recent warning about water shortages out West. With the UN’s World Water Day just around the corner, the International Builders’ Show in Orlando this month showcased Kohler’s DTV Custom Showering Experience. No, it’s not for elephants, those NINE shower heads are all set to pamper a well-heeled human. In its effort to create — we’re not making this up — “a showering experience that elicits a spectrum of emotions,” the DTV flows up to a remarkable 21 gallons of water per minute. Will guilt perhaps be one of the emotions registering on that spectrum?

Prices on the system, which includes a wall-mounted control panel where you can adjust temperatures and the angles of the shower heads and save your settings, reach into the thousands. Some Chicago developers are doing their damnedest to get builders to go green, but will the shower-as-personal-deluge trend catch on faster?

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