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Which cities are interested in Chicago’s apartments?

Yesterday I mentioned that a large number of Irish are searching for information on Chicago apartments, something the Pirate attributes more to season [...]
Irish eyes smile on Chicago

Irish eyes smile on Chicago

Is Chicago about to see a new wave of Irish moving into the city? According to Google Insights for Search, more searches for "Chicago apartments" [...]

Letting the bedbugs bite

“The worst case I’ve ever seen they didn’t need me and the dog. I opened the door and they were just falling off the ceiling.” - Linda Develasco, own [...]

Quote of the day: Condo marketing to "cast a wider net" than before

To adjust to a market strikingly different from the high-flying one that reigned when these projects were conceived, developers have not only created [...]

Quote: Comparing the costs of desirable neighborhoods in Chicago and New York

Housing costs in New York appear to increase somewhat exponentially with increasing neighborhood desirability, whereas in the other city I've lived in [...]

Quote: What matters in a new home

"This is a traumatic time in this country and the future isn't something we're 100% sure about now either. What's left? The answer for most home buyer [...]
Rent or buy: Rental density by ward

Rent or buy: Rental density by ward

A new report issued today by the Metropolitan Tenants Organization finds that rental households still constitute half of the Chicago's homes and con [...]
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