Horizon Realty Group threatens to arrest me

This morning I visited 525 W. Oakdale, Chicago, the building where my kids’ mom died last week, to check for mail and to check the Medical Examiner’s seal on her apartment.

Less than an hour later I received a phone call from a woman named Grisette, a supervisor at Horizon Realty Group, the company that mismanages the building. Don’t hold me to the spelling of Grisette’s name — I didn’t verify it because my high school French translates it out to “little gray thing,” a phrase that sums up the impression the lady makes on me.

Grisette informed me that she would call the police and have me arrested if I entered the building again. I informed her that I had every right to do so and invited her, please, to call the police.

I once again related to her my concerns about her building manager, Florance, and about Florance’s having tampered with the mail in a fashion that I believe is in clear violation of federal law, based on facts related to me by two Chicago police detectives. I informed Grisette that I had registered a complaint about this with the Postal Inspectors at the Post Office. Grisette expressed once again what I perceive to be the utter indifference of Horizon Realty Group to the interests or safety or welfare of its tenants.

Grisette’s main problem with me, as she repeatedly explained, was that I wasn’t being deferential enough or humble enough in talking to her. I was, after all, merely the concerned father of two children whose mother had died in her building.

What is there about someone forcefully expressing his willingness to use all legal avenues to protect the interests of a dead ex-wife and his children that so frightens Horizon Realty Group? Why are they so protective of an on-site manager who’s been the subject of repeated complaints and whose alcoholic aura nearly knocked me backwards the one time I met her?

If you have any information about Horizon Realty Group that’s relevant, leave a comment, send me an e-mail or give me a call at 773-868-4770 x 100.

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