Hot item – an East Village Noah Properties resale

The 5-bedroom, 3 ½ bath Noah Properties home at 1848 W Erie in the East Village had barely been completed when I shot a video tour two years ago with Sergio & Banks’ Izabela Sloma. The home sold and closed shortly after that. It was one of three Noah Properties homes in the 1800 block of Erie that I toured in video, all of which sold quickly.

Izabela had just listed the home for resale at $899,900 and was touring buyers through it when I visited two days ago for a video shoot. When we met yesterday at another listing she was on her way to begin another 18 scheduled showings of the home at 2:30.

The home’s a hot item, but also a sign of a very competitive market for buyers. Check back in a few days for the video tour.

Note: Sergio & Banks is a YoChicago sponsor.

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