Is that trailer park in Northfield or Glenview or neither?

Sunset Village, Glenview, Illinois

I frankly don’t know whether Sunset Village, which bills itself as “Glenview’s finest manufactured home community,” is in Northfield or Glenview or in an unincorporated area of Cook County. It’s a question that isn’t easily answered online.

I wrote about listings for sale at Sunset Village yesterday at a site we author for the Tribune. The MLS listings state the property addresses as Glenview, and the location as unincorporated Cook County

I added an addendum to my post after receiving an e-mail from a credible source stating that Sunset Village was incorporated into Glenview years ago, which I can’t verify online, but has a Northfield address, which turns out to be accurate.

Errors, some of them very consequential, are common in MLS listings.

The takeaway: when you’re buying a home, don’t rely on any information in a real estate listing. Don’t trust. Verify.

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