It's neighborhood tour time — what would you like to see this year?

Spring is finally here, which means we’ll be spending a lot more time outside on the afternoons and weekends in search of homes and ‘hoods to tour. We have a few in mind already, but in light of a recent e-mail from a reader, I figured I’d solicit a few ideas from the audience.

This morning I received this message from an anonymous tipster:

Yo, Joe!

I just saw your you tube video about Lakeview East.and checked out your neighborhood listing.

I wanted to send a few pieces to update your group about Lakeview East because I live here

Specifically regarding the life around the high rise towers along Sheridan and Lakeshore there are a TON of Shops and restaurants 1/2 a block away! Broadway, clark, diversey, I live over here to the north and I always have a new place to shop.

What gives? Are you so entrenched in the gold coast that you believe that there is nothing else around? If you ask me your blog seems pretty biased.

Now, I’m pretty sure part of my Lakeview East video tour from a year or two ago devoted some time to the neighborhood’s commercial corridors, but the message I’ve taken away from this e-mail holds true — there are lots of great neighborhoods, even great individual blocks, that many people out there have simply never seen.

We brainstorm these topics ourselves, but we’re always open to suggestions. (My recent series of South Shore videos were a result of some prodding from readers.) Shoot us an e-mail or a comment about the places you’d like to see — the good, the bad, and the ugly of Chicago — or even the names of longtime residents, business owners, or Realtors who would make good guides through these neighborhoods, and we’ll do our best to bring back a drive-around video at the very least.

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