Jimmy's cocktail book

Heaven on Seven chef/owner Jimmy Bannos, he of the famous red headband, kicked out a romping stomping pre-Mardi Gras party last night at his original restaurant (111 N. Wabash) celebrating the release of his new book, “Big Easy Cocktails.”

The book features cocktail party food recipes, such as Barbecue Shrimp on Corn Bread Squares, and Chicken and Andouille Quesadillas with Cilantro Sour Cream; it also features recipes for Angel Dust Cajun Seasoning, Jerk Marinade and other such preparations.

But the weight of the book is in its cocktail recipes, which range from the classic Hurricane, Sazerac and Brandy Milk Punch to Cajun Iced Tea, Jimmy’s Love Potion, and the one that did me in (after a couple of introductory Hurricanes), the Lucky Seven. Each drink comes with a suggestion on which New Orleans song to listening to while drinking.

“Big Easy Cocktails” (Ten Speed Press) sells for $15.95, and part of that dough goes to Katrina Relief, which means you should buy two and give one away.

And you should take Jimmy’s advice when, paraphrasing the late great Warren Zevon, he says, “Party now, sleep later.” Zevon, who no doubt loved an Absinthe Suissese (page 25), said it this way: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Same thing.

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