Landrosh nabbing hot sites in Lake View, Ravenswood

Grace and Janssen

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Success in developing and selling new construction often has as much to do with nabbing the right sites as it does with conceptualizing, marketing and delivering great homes. Landrosh Development seems to have an incredible knack for controlling prime infill sites in Lake View and Ravenswood.

The site above, at Janssen Avenue and Grace Street, is a nice corner lot on a leafy street steps from Blaine elementary school, the Music Box Theatre and the restaurants and boutiques of Southport. In addition to spec houses, Landrosh does custom design-builds, and since we couldn’t find this property listed on the Web site, it might be one of those.

The company’s city homes tend to be enormous jobs with masonry facades and prices in the $2 million range. At the lower end, a 4,200-square-foot house at 2336 W Cullom Ave is listed for around $1.33 million on the Landrosh Web site (we can’t vouch for how up-to-date it is). Another mil or so will get you a house of more than 6,000 square feet at 4439 N Hamilton Ave.

For a sample of Landrosh’s finished work, check out the two houses below, which sit just around the corner from the site above, on the 3700 block of North Janssen.

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