Lexington Square meets Polo Café

Joe Zekas went to Bridgeport a couple days ago for his first look at Lexington Square, a new development of 39 townhomes at 3704 S Sangamon St, fronting Donovan Park.

Polo Café is just a few blocks from Lexington Square, so Joe asked Lexington Homes‘ Jeff Benach and Regina Castle to join him on a visit to Polo to meet its proprietor, Dave Samber.

In Dave’s 25 years in Bridgeport he’s created a truly unusual space at Polo Café — it’s a restaurant with an adjacent night club and bed & breakfast — and he invariably serves up something wonderful at the restaurant. Likewise, Lexington Homes is serving up some of Chicago’s most inventive townhome plans just a few blocks away at Lexington Square.

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