Liz Phair remembers Wicker Park

Photo by Jon Randolph. Double Door, Wicker Park, Chicago

But does anyone remember Liz Phair?

A hat tip to Chicagoist for finding Phair’s reminiscences of the days of yore, i.e. the early 90s, in Wicker Park.

“There was nothing out here then,” she says of Wicker Park. “There were a couple of bars, and I remember a restaurant opening up right below the train station, but it was mostly Polish families.”

I spent a fair amount of time in Wicker Park in the early 90s and don’t recall the “mostly Polish families” Phair does, but then we traveled in different circles.

Read the rest at Black Book, and see more of YoChicago’s photos and the latest from EveryBlock at our Wicker Park neighborhood page.

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