Market watch: Comings and goings

How many Chicago condos, townhomes, and single-family homes have entered the MLS in the past three days? If you guessed 405, come claim your yo-yo.

According to Redfin‘s listing data, 244 condos and townhomes priced from $4,900 to $2.5 million, with a median price around $300,000, and 161 single-families priced from $6,800 to $3.64 million, with a median around $220,000, went on the market (or at least went off the market and immediately back on) sometime between Saturday and today.

How many listed homes went under contract during that same time? Who guessed 10? In fact, slightly fewer homes (398) have gone under contract in the past 30 days than have entered the market in the past three. On the other hand, Redfin shows more than 300 homes closed in the past seven days, and far too many to list from within the past month.

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