Meet Jawayne Davis at 1000 W. Washington Lofts

Ted Guarnero, who bills himself as the Chicago Loft Guide, has been taking me on tours of some of the West Loop’s more interesting lofts along what he likes to call the “Jackson Street loft corridor.”

In doorman buildings I like to spend a minute or two chatting with the guy (or gal) who greets people as they enter. In older buildings the day staff has almost always been with the building a very long time meaning that they’ll know everyone by name and know the area well.

Jawayne Davis has been with 1000 West Washington Lofts for 11 years, making him a relative rookie in his profession. He makes it his business to get along with everyone and greet everyone with a smile.

Ted Guarnero, an agent at Baird & Warner, is the sponsor of this video series.

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