Mondial on the move

Mondial, 910 W Huron St, ChicagoIn the four months since @properties took over the marketing of Mondial, 910 W Huron St in River West, and cut prices on select condos by 10 to 30 percent, at least 11 units have sold.

According to sales records from Cook County and Redfin, two lofts (studios with 9′ x 9′ dens), eight two-bedrooms, and one three-bedroom with a 553 square-foot terrace have closed at prices ranging from the $200s to the $540s, or an average of $286 a square foot. By contrast, those homes were listed at a price per square foot of $340 back in February of 2009.

As usual, @properties isn’t listing every available unit at Mondial. The three units currently on the MLS are an 801 square-foot loft / studio priced in the $190s (originally priced in the $240s), a 776 square-foot one-bedroom priced in the $220s (originally priced in the $260s), and a 1,477 square-foot two-bedroom priced in the $480s.

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