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Wrightwood Crossing, 1307 W Wrightwood Ave, Lincoln Park, Chicago

G.Corp Development principal Giacomo Caliendo responded in an e-mail to my questions about the green features at Wrightwood Crossing, the planned development at 1307 W Wrightwood Ave in Lincoln Park.

Regarding the development’s LEED status, Caliendo says the development has preliminary LEED Platinum certification, but that actual certification will not be handed down until construction on the building is finished.

Wrightwood Crossing will be G.Corp’s first LEED-certified building, but Caliendo says it isn’t the company’s first foray into green design. Previous G.Corp buildings have qualified for the City of Chicago’s Chicago Green Homes certification.

Here is a partial list of some of Wrightwood Crossing’s green features:

  • Partial green roof systems on the penthouse level
  • Landscaping will require minimal irrigation
  • All paved surfaces will be permeable and light in color for low heat absorption
  • Water-efficient fixtures and toilets
  • High-efficiency mechanical systems
  • Bio-insulation with highest R-value
  • ENERGY STAR-rated appliances and fixtures
  • Locally-sourced concrete, gypsum board and cabinetry
  • Sustainable FSC-certified hardwoods
  • Recycled content insulation
  • Minimized construction waste

“Durability and sustainability (two of the most important factors of LEED certification) are our goal,” Caliendo writes, adding that “an industry-wide trend toward ‘green’ practices has increased the accessibility of sustainable products.”

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