Motor Row, Opera Lofts – "great conversions" but where's neighborhood headed?

Yesterday’s loft roundup (yeeha, get along little loft!) sparked an interesting debate between Tracey and Jeff about two projects, Motor Row Lofts (bottom video above) and Opera Lofts (top video above).

Tracey is of the opinion that while these projects look great, they’re priced too high for the neighborhood, an edgy, sparse stretch just south of the South Loop. Jeff counters that new development, ranging from McCormick Place expansion to a planned Hilton, makes the neighborhood ripe for appreciation.

We thought we’d post a couple of video tours of the developments and let you judge for yourself.

You can find out more about the neighborhood immediately north of this location on our South Loop video play list and our South Loop photo set on Flickr.

Check out the neighborhood to the south in our Bronzeville / North Kenwood-Oakland video play list, our Bronzeville photo set and our North Kenwood-Oakland photo set.

As you might have guessed, we don’t have a whole lot on the Near South blocks sandwiched in between these neighborhoods, but we will, don’t you worry.

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