Moving to Streeterville? YoChicago or a rental service broker?

If you’ve been online looking for an apartment in downtown Chicago, the odds are that you’re seeing ads similar to the screen cap shown here. The ads are placed by one of Chicago’s rental services and invite you to “Contact us to Find Your Perfect Apartment.”

Click on the ad and you’re taken to a broker site and shown ads for dozens of apartments in seven different Streeterville buildings. The ads don’t disclose the name of the property or its address. Many of the ads state a rent range rather than the price of an individual unit.

In your search for a “perfect” Streeterville apartment, we think you’d rather see information about all sixteen Streeterville buildings rather than just seven. You’ll find all of the buildings on our at-a-glance list of Near North apartments at-a-glance list of Near North apartments.

Our list gives you building addresses, summary information about the buildings, and links to the near real-time rent and date available information at the 15 of the 16 buildings that have it online, The list also links to our visually-rich reviews, which have the building names, direct links to the building websites, and structured information about the apartments, amenities, location and building policies.

In a separate feature we’ve spotlighted the best Streeterville apartments on each of eighteen criteria to make it easier for you to identify the buildings of greatest interest to you. That feature doesn’t include the North Water or Lofts at River East buildings, which opened after it was completed.

Twice a month we feature “deals and finds” from our Near North and Streeterville advertisers. Here’s a link to the June 11 edition.

We’re confident that you’re far more likely to find the Streeterville apartment that’s best for you if you spend some time with our comprehensive list and reviews rather than risk wasting time with a rental service.

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