Neighborhoods for the rest of us: South Triangle

Homes in Marynook, Chicago

The area we call the South Triangle is big enough to contain several South Side “neighborhoods for the rest of us.” Within the boundaries of the Dan Ryan Expressway, the Skyway, and 95th Street are all or part of Avalon Park, Burnside, Calumet Heights, Chatham, East Chatham, Grand Crossing, Marynook, Park Manor, Pill Hill, and West Chesterfield.

A few years ago, the Yo staff featured a week of South Triangle coverage, focusing on subjects like the area’s history, the sharp contrast of its old and new retail options, and a look at monthly rents.

One of the people who knew this area best passed away in 2009. Yo talked to Dempsey Travis about Chatham and other South Side neighborhoods in early 2007. You can hear some of his thoughts and reflections below, or watch more videos with him and from around the South Triangle in our South Triangle playlist. You can also find photosets from all of the South Triangle’s neighborhoods and hundreds of other Chicago communities and suburbs through our Flickr photostream.

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