New condos, de Luigi’s horse, a lion-faced con, hula hoop girl and more

If you’re in the market for an affordable, newly-built condo in or near the Loop you’re aware that your options are dwindling.

The award-winning Ralph Johnson-designed tower at 235 Van Buren still has a good selection of units available, and it’s a “must see” in any number of ways.

When you visit the suite of furnished models on the 29th floor you’ll be drawn to the balconies to check out the sweeping views that you see above. The balconies a great venue for a lingering look at Chicago’s architectural history.

If architecture doesn’t compel your attention for very long, you’ll never lack for scenes to drill in on after you move to 235 Van Buren. A few examples:

Ludovico de Luigi’s San Marcos II sculpture at the Chicago Stock Exchange. The Trib had an entertaining interview with the sculptor back in 1986.

A prisoner (third from left) wearing what appears to be a lion mask at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

A movie set that’s being built for the filming of Divergent.

One of the endless stream of tourist boats that ply the river.

Buckingham Fountain and Lake Michigan.

Last, but not least, a hula hoop girl.

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