Planning Chicago a/k/a incremental opportunism

Planning Chicago, published earlier this year, is a look back at the history of planning in Chicago, with a focus starting in the Mayor Richard J. Daley era.

You can get the gist of the book’s contents from its authors, Jon B. DeVries and D. Bradford Hunt, in the above video, which was shot at a seminar last week.

In the video DeVries outlines, among other topics, some of the city’s successes in attracting and retaining industry. Hunt sketches the growing gap between the city’s central core and its neighborhoods. There are some startling visuals, including a chart illustrating how greatly Asian and Latino immigration mitigated the city’s dramatic population loss from 2000 to 2010.

The description of Chicago’s recent approach to planning as “incremental opportunism” comes from one of the book’s reviewers at Amazon.

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