Quote of the day – Latin Kings, like tulips

Did you buy a home while the snow lay heavy on the ground following this winter’s blizzard?

Rob and Amy Castaneda, a heroic couple who live in Little Village, bought in the 1999 blizzard. Mark Konkol of the Sun-Times tells their story:

They dreamed of owning their own home and finally found the perfect place they could afford — a modest A-frame on a quiet block at 30th and Drake.

At least the block seemed quiet in the dead of winter, gently covered in a billowing blanket of white.
They bought a house and closed on the deal after the Great Blizzard of 1999 that dumped more than 20 inches of snow on Chicago over three days.

Then the snow melted — exposing the broken beer bottles and trash on the parkways. Soon, Latin Kings, like early spring tulips, sprouted on their corner.

If you’re considering a move to Little Village / South Lawndale, read the comments on the above video at YouTube for a sense of how you might be welcomed.

On a separate note – did anyone else wonder whether Konkol was parodying the classic cub reporter style of writing in this piece?

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