Quote of the day: Resigning ourselves to another tax credit

I know a lot of you out there would argue that a housing market correction, as painful as it is, is necessary for housing to truly find its footing again and recover for the long term. Another artificial stimulus could just prolong the agony and set us up for the same drop off in sales and prices that we’re seeing right now.

But it could also move some inventory quickly. With inventories of new and existing homes dangerously high, and the shadow supply of foreclosures pushing that volume even higher, more stimulus could be a necessary evil. I liken it to what I’m doing with my lawn this week. All summer I fought the weeds, pulling them, using the organic sprays and repellents, spreading mulch to deprive them of any air. And then I gave up. I called the lawn service and told them to bring every chemical in their arsenal. Shock the overgrown mess into submission once and for all, so that I can start fresh again and reseed this fall.

– Diana Olick of CNBC, on rumblings of another homebuyer tax credit, “not just first time / move-up buyers, but…for buyers purchasing foreclosed properties or short sales.”

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