Real estate agent's Web site showcases Uptown

Simply writing the word “Uptown” in a post tends to draw vehement comments from Yo readers, so we thought we’d fan the flames by linking to an Uptown site.

Brandon Vejseli of Koenig & Strey GMAC runs, a site he developed last year. In addition to listing homes, the site includes news items, events and photos. People can also submit a questions that Vejseli will try to get answered. He says people generally ask about new developments or the history of buildings.

“The neighborhood has a rich history, so people talk about it a lot,” he says. Vejseli, who lives in Uptown, also sells real estate in Lincoln Park, Lake View and Edgewater. What distinguishes Uptown, in his view, is its diversity and civic spirit. It’s the kind of place where public meetings are well attended and debates are vigorous.

“It’s just economically such a diverse neighborhood, and that’s one of the things that draws people to the neighborhood,” he says. “Everyone can fit in somehow.”

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