Remembering Wilmette’s C.J. Arthur’s and Art Falzer

Last September, just before it closed, my son and I visited C.J. Arthur’s in Wilmette for the last of the 100s of meals we’d eaten there over a more than 20-year period.

Yesterday’s Trib Local brought the sad news that Art Falzer, the “Arthur” in C.J. Arthur’s, had died of ALS at the age of 65.

C.J. Arthur’s was very much a family operation. Art had become less of a presence in recent years as son Jason – the J in CJ’s – had taken over management, but he seemed to be always there. Cindy, Jason’s mom, Art’s ex-, and the C in CJ’s, waited tables on a part-time basis.

C.J. Arthur’s was more than just a restaurant. It was a music venue, and a gathering place for many community organizations and events. It was a place where you could count on meeting someone you knew, having your meals served by someone your kids went to school with, and where you could watch the inexplicable delight that young girls took in sipping Green River soda.

C.J. Arthur’s and Art Falzer will always play a leading role in my family’s memories of Wilmette. Joe and Jordan and Valerie say a heartfelt: Thanks, Art. Thanks for the memories.

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