Rental services will steer you wrong on Lincoln Park apartments

If you’re looking for an apartment in Chicago’s sought-after Lincoln Park neighborhood, the worst place to start is with a Chicago rental service a/k/a apartment locator a/k/a apartment finder.

If you’re unfamiliar with neighborhood boundaries, you can’t rely on rental services for accurate information. The above screen cap, for example, illustrates the results of a search for Lincoln Park apartments at a heavily-advertised rental service site. The search returns 12 apartments in 4 different buildings. Three of the buildings are in the Near North neighborhood and the fourth is in Lakeview. Two of the buildings are a half-mile or more from the nearest point in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Lincoln Park’s boundaries are accurately stated at the rental service’s website, so it’s not possible to cast the misstatements as an honest mistake.

It gets worse for renters working with rental services. There are many Lincoln Park properties that rental services can’t or won’t show you.

The “can’t show” roster includes the many popular properties that don’t pay brokers a commission and won’t allow them to show renters around.

The “won’t show” list comprises properties that pay rental services less than a full commission. The rental services will often go through hilarious contortions explaining why it isn’t in a renter’s best interest to see those properties. It’s also not uncommon for them to make up vicious lies about the properties.

The properties that rental services can’t and won’t show you are often among the very best values in the neighborhood. That makes rental services worse than useless, before even taking into consideration the abusive and dishonest tactics that have earned them many negative reviews.

If you’re looking for an apartment in Lincoln Park, we recommend starting with the following YoChicago advertisers that own and manage 1,000s of apartments in vintage and contemporary buildings in prime Lincoln Park locations.

  • BJB Properties has 15 properties
  • Eugenie Terrace is a full-amenity high-rise fronting the park
  • Group Fox has 3 properties
  • Planned Property Management has 6 properties
  • Reside Living has 5 properties
  • Webster Square is a new luxury apartment community across from Oz Park
  • If you decide to work with a rental service, there are some things you should know.

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