RentJuice automates Facebook spam for rental bedbugs


Today’s e-mail brings the following news release from RentJuice

RentJuice, the online platform developed by real estate insiders that connects prospective renters, brokers and property managers to each other in real-time, today unveiled an unparalleled, dynamic social media widget called Lease Locator for Facebook. Lease Locator allows potential renters to search real-time property listings directly from a company/broker/agent Facebook fan page and RentJuice customers to actually capture leads (via their Facebook page), which are automatically routed into their RentJuice account. The application adds conversion to the social media equation.

Here are a few Chicago RentJuice customer pages with the newly integrated Facebook widget as examples:

Homescout Realty
Trudo Realty
Blue City Chicago Apartments

Thanks, RentJuice for tipping us off to a new name – Blue City – to add to our apartment bedbug rental service do-not-call list.

If you’re looking for an apartment and consider yourself a lead waiting to be automatically captured, routed and converted via social media equations, by all means look for the RentJuice screen cap at a growing number of rental services Facebook pages.

On an amusing side note, the Blue City Chicago Apartments Web site touts the company’s dog-walking and cleaning services. Competition getting too fierce among the bedbugs?

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