Eleven left at Sheridan Park's Dover Court

Dover Court Condominiums, 4601 N Dover St, Sheridan Park, Chicago

There are dozens of courtyard conversions on the Far North Side that currently have condos for sale, but few courtyards can rival Dover Court Condominiums, 4601 N Dover St, in sheer size.

Joe Zekas crashed a “developer’s closeout” party at Dover Court last summer. At that time, Rick Mendoza from Bella Properties told Joe that about 70 percent of the homes in Dover Court had been sold, and that prices starting in the $180s, so it looks like the prices have come down a bit since then. The video at the bottom of this post shows off that courtyard in all its glory.

In the video, Mendoza said that he was well on his way to selling out all of the homes by September 2008. He didn’t meet that goal, but the development is inching closer to sellout. According to Mendoza, just 11 junior one-bedroom / one-baths are still available, and they all have about 750 square feet of livable space.

The remaining homes are priced from the $140s to the $170s, and Mendoza says that under the current incentive, some units come with a 2-percent closing-cost credit. Parking is leased for $95 per month.

Dover Court was built in 1914, and it was renovated by Bella Properties, which also refurbished the courtyard and added the fountains, paving and landscaping. Some of the background on the development can be seen in a trailer for DowntownDevelopers.tv, a realty TV show that Bella Properties has been pitching to television networks for the past two years.

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