Some amusing Yelp reviews for Vesta Preferred’s Joe Rush

A new agent starts at a Chicago rental service and, within a matter of days, is receiving five-star reviews at Yelp from people writing their first-ever review, and writing in a way that doesn’t seem to reflect an actual apartment renting experience.

That’s a pattern you’ll see repeated time after time in Yelp reviews for new rental service agents. After an initial burst of positive reviews the agent’s name is rarely seen again at Yelp, because he or she has typically washed out of the business.

Consider the reviews for Joe Rush, a freshly-minted agent working on a 120-day pre-licensing permit at Vesta Preferred. Rental service reviewers, unlike real renters, almost never mention their preferred neighborhood, apartment type, wish list items or target price. They’re amusingly vague about those details.

Does anyone find these reviews credible?

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