Stay far away from this hell hole

That’s the advice from one Horizon Realty Group tenant at ApartmentRatings.

If other tenant reports are to be believed, Horizon will lie to you, boot your car, shut off your electricity, coddle armies of roaches, tamper with your mail, verbally abuse you, and may even employ maintenance men who burgle your apartment.

Check out what Horizon tenants have to say about 6040 N Sheridan, 901 W Argyle, 525 W Oakdale, and Elmhurst Terrace Apartments.

You might want to heed what this tenant has to say:

With such unprofessionality by the building management, Im quite surprised that the Horizon Group hasnt become headline news sooner. Had I known they possessed such disregard for their tenants well-being, Id have not filled out a lease application.

Read more of our Horizon Watch posts. If you’ve been a tenant or employee of Horizon Realty Group, especially at 525 W Oakdale, and would like to share your experiences, give me a call at 773-868-4770 x 100 or send me an e-mail.

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