Stop using Craigslist to shop for rentals, says real estate veteran

Dennis Dooley is a seasoned veteran of the real estate industry, having served in management positions at both a local and national level.

He’s recently become very concerned about the “unscrupulous” practices of Chicago’s rental service firms, also known as apartment finders and apartment locators.

Dooley has three suggestions to help Chicago renters protect themselves. First, ask to see an agent’s license, since many are unlicensed. Second, “get off of Craigslist,” since many of the ads are fraudulent. At the very least, don’t call a name you don’t recognize. Third, don’t give any money up front to a rental service.

Dennis Dooley is the manager of Prudential Rubloff’s Lincoln Park office. Watch his impassioned warning to renters about the pitfalls they’ll face in today’s tight rental market.

Prudential Rubloff, one of our advertising clients, has recently expanded its rental business. Make of that what you will, but you’ll be making a mistake if you conclude that Dooley’s advice is driven by self-interest.

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