Streeterville rental shootout – The Fairbanks vs Optima Center

Optima Center is a new rental tower at 200 E Illinois in Streeterville. The Fairbanks, just to the east at 240 E Illinois, is a six-year old condo building. There are currently MLS-listed 2-bedroom, 2-bath units available in both buildings.

Unit 2901 at Optima Center spans 1,217 square feet and is listed at $3,985 a month. The 1,361 square foot Unit 1506 at The Fairbanks is listed at $3,200 a month and Unit 2008, 1,400 square feet, at $3,750.

There are as many similarities as differences among the units – enough to make comparisons interesting and enough pluses for each to make picking a clear winner impossible. Optima Center has all-electric kitchens while there are gas ranges at The Fairbanks. The Fairbanks units have balconies; Optima Center’s lack private outdoor space and bathtubs. Views may be the deciding factor for some.

Optima Center has an indoor pool and a superior amenities package. The Fairbanks has a full suite of amenities, but has only a small outdoor pool.

Budget, of course, will be the determining factor for many renters: there’s a $785 a month difference between the smaller Fairbanks unit and the unit listed at Optima Center.

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