Streeterville’s best apartments – Proximity to parks and beaches

The first posts in our series on the best Streeterville apartments spotlighted the buildings with the best views and most convenient access to grocery shopping and public transportation.

Picking the Streeterville building with the best access to parks and beaches is a tough call: all of the buildings north of Chicago Ave are a short walk from Oak Street Beach and Lake Shore Park.

850 North Lake Shore Drive, in our take, has an edge over the other buildings due to its proximity to Ohio Street Beach, Jane Addams Memorial Park and Navy Pier.

If you disagree with our selection, chime in with a comment.

You’ll find links to our objective, visually-rich apartment reviews of Streeterville buildings, and links to near real-time availability checks for most of the buildings, at our Near North at-a-glance list, and some tips and advice at our Guide to renting in Streeterville.

Next topic: Expressway access.

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