Sun-Times Outfit map – great idea, useless execution

The headline in today’s Sun-Times story made a good promise: Chicago’s family ‘Secrets’ map. The feisty number two paper has outdone the Trib in a number of ways while covering the “Family Secrets” trial of alleged Chicago mobsters, and this seemed like another fresh angle. For better or worse, people are fascinated by these shadowy figures, and a map highlighting their neighborhood haunts would grab attention.

Unfortunately, the paper is again showing itself inept in all things Internet. Mark Konkol’s “handy little map” is not handy at all, though it is extremely little – so little, with so little detail as to be completely useless. Never mind that extremely useful maps can now be constructed quickly for free with the help of major search engines. We’re so disappointed by the map, we won’t even mention the fact that as of this posting, the first two paragraphs in Konkol’s piece are repeated in a show of supreme sloppiness.

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