Suzuki Man offering free cars at Lofts at 1800

Down in Alabama, he’s known simply as The Suzuki Man, the superhero of Suzuki dealerships across the state. In Chicago, K. Nicholas Kopley is recognized as the founder and president of The Kopley Group, which is currently developing the Lofts at 1800 at 1800 W Grace St in North Center and the Renaissance Lofts in Rogers Park.

Kopley must have sneaked into a phone booth and changed into his cape, because The Suzuki Man is now offering free cars to buyers at the Lofts at 1800.

According to a press release I received last week, buyers who register for “VIP appointments” with the Kopley Group will receive either a new Suzuki or $20,000 in new furniture once they buy a loft. The incentives are “available ONLY to VIP buyers,” and only 45 VIP appointments are available.

First move-ins won’t begin at the Lofts at 1800 until this summer, but according to the press release, three furnished models will open on March 28. One-bedroom lofts start in the $260s, two-bedrooms start in the $350s, and three-bedroom lofts start in the $750s.

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Lofts at 1800, 1800 W Grace St in North Center, Chicago Lofts at 1800, 1800 W Grace St in North Center, Chicago

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