Take your apartment search offline

Sandburg Village pool, Chicago, IL

One of the biggest mistakes Chicago renters make in their apartment search is looking only online and only on Craigslist.

Take your search offline and walk, bike or drive the area you want to live in, keeping an eye out for FOR RENT signs. We’ve gone into more detail on that topic, and on where to search online, in an earlier post that might be worth your attention.

If you’re searching Craigslist, one way to avoid scams and spam ads is to skip all ads that don’t have an exact building address or building name. If there is an address or building name in the ad, Google it. If you find building information through your Google search, use that contact information to follow up. A Craigslist ad with an address may be a bait-and-switch ad from someone with no connection to the building.

You might also check out YoChicago’s innovative new YoRents site. It’s online speed dating for landlords and renters in selected lakefront neighborhoods.

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