The vintage views from a Lincoln Park roof deck

The view west from the upper floors and roof deck of the 7-story building at 424 W Diversey is dominated by buildings built between the 1890s and 1920s in a variety of architectural styles and decorated with a riotous profusion of architectural elements.

Scenes from Child’s Play and Running Scared were filmed at the Brewster Building (left of center in the above photo), where Charlie Chaplin once lived in a penthouse.

The south view from 424 W Diversey, which is on the border between Lincoln Park and Lake View, also serves up some impressive vintage offerings.

The domed structure in the above image is the Elks Veterans Memorial. The building contains some of the grandest interior spaces in Chicago. It’s currently closed to the public for repairs, and will be reopening next year.

BJB Properties, one of our sponsors, is currently renovating 424 W Diversey. Studio apartments in the building rent from $775 to $1,025 a month.

Trivia: Back in my days as an attorney I drafted the original condominium declaration for the Brewster Building.

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