Tour Little Black Pearl's stunning kids' art facility in North Kenwood – Oakland

Monica Haslip, executive director of Little Black Pearl, 1060 E 47th St, in North Kenwood – Oakland, recently gave us a tour of the stunning arts facility for kids. The 40,000-square-foot center emphasizes the ties between art and business, giving children practical experience in a truly inspiring environment (even we were inspired, and that doesn’t happen easily).

The operation that had its humble beginnings in Haslip’s basement as a part-time endeavor more than a decade ago now boasts a cafe; an art gallery; a shop selling student and other work; a kids’ cafe; and facilities for everything from painting and photography to ceramics and glass blowing. If you’ve driven by the beautiful vintage facade that fronts 47th Street, wait until you see the showy, modern renovation and addition by Matthew Kupritz of K2 Architects.

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