Trader Bill’s experience renting with David Nadler

I’ve frequently cautioned renters about the pitfalls of working with the rental services that I call bedbugs based on their toxic behavior toward renters.

I met City Ranch Real Estate‘s David Nadler in the course of shooting a sponsored video at a luxury townhome he’d been hired to rent for an employee of a business I’d known for many years. After spending some time with David, he asked whether I’d be interested in hearing the story of one of the clients he’d helped rent a new home. Since David had a serious background in commercial real estate and a reference from a long-standing client’s employee, I said “sure.”

David and I met his client, Bill, in Nookie’s Too on Halsted St for this video. Bill, a trader, was a sophisticated and demanding renter who looked at dozens of places, and made offers on a number of them, before finding his current home through David.

The takeaway I’d suggest from this video is the one I’ve consistently recommended: when you’re looking to rent in Chicago, skip the rental services and find a real estate agent with a traditional brokerage background. You’ll gain access to properties the rental services are unlikely to show you, and the odds are very high that you’ll be working with a far more knowledgeable and reliable source of information.

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