Trio rentals surface on the MLS

Trio, 670 W Wayman St, Chicago“Any news on these rentals lately?” reader Meghan asked this week. “Seems things have been pretty quiet around here.”

Meghan was talking about the Trio tower at 670 W Wayman St, where Jameson briefly advertised condos for sale or rent in late ’09. Jameson appears to be out of the project completely — the four units listed in Trio’s two mid-rises are resales, not developer-owned units — and until this week, rental listings were limited to The Real Estate Group’s flood of posts on Craigslist.

This week The Real Estate Group finally branched out and posted three rentals on the MLS:

According to the listings, A/C, heat, and parking are included in the rent price.

Trio’s competing against a number of new and established rental high-rises in the 60661 ZIP code, including Presidential Towers, 180 North Jefferson, and Echelon at K Station.

At Presidential Towers, 555 W Madison St, one-bedrooms with 593 to 718 square feet range from $965 to $2,290, and two-bedrooms with 1,101 square feet range from $1,690 to $3,125, according to

180 North Jefferson, 180 N Jefferson St, has one-bedrooms have 686 to 800 square feet and are priced from $1,502 to $2,077. Its two-bedrooms have 930 to 1,200 square-feet and run from $2,143 to $2,971.

Echelon at K Station, 353 N Desplaines St, has one-bedrooms with 613 to 832 square feet, priced from $1,655 to $2,030, and two-bedrooms with 1,109 to 1,111 square feet, priced from $2,675 to $2,860.

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