Trio's Craigslist blitz: I get the point, guys

Trio, 670 W Wayman St, ChicagoLet’s say, hypothetically, you have a hundred-unit tower near downtown that’s ready to rock and roll — how do you find tenants? You could have a leasing center and promote yourself through your official Web site, I suppose. Or you could put your homes on the MLS. But why bother doing either when you can have someone post almost 100 nearly identical ads on Craigslist EVERY SINGLE DAY?

In case you’re still wondering which strategy RDM is using for Trio, read that paragraph again. For all I know, my search string could have filtered out more creative variations — I used the keywords “Trio,” “Wayman,” “never,” and “before” (all based on the first few ads I found), and came up with 780 separate ads, all posted between the 7th and today. (My favorites so far: Seven ads insisting, “It’s not a typo, the deal is just THAT good,” scattered amidst seven more that scream, “DEFINATELY worth checking out!” They’ve called in the A-Team for this one, kids.)

The good news is that you will “feel like a rockstar” after taking advantage of Trio’s “ROCK BOTTOM PRICING,” which is somewhere in the range of $1,400 for a one-bedroom to $2,400 a month for a two-bedroom, assuming my visual noise filter is working properly. I’m guessing heated indoor parking is included in the price, given that every ad says, “INDOOR HEATED PARKING INCLUDED!!!”

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