Typical Chicago apartment rental policies

First-time Chicago renters are often clueless about what to expect in the way of fees and policies when they set out to rent an apartment. Their cluelessness is often compounded by well-meaning people offering advice based on their limited personal experience – or their outright bias.

You can see some of that confusion in this active thread at EveryBlock.

A while back I sat down with Harold Rider Jr of Realty & Mortgage Co (a long-time client of ours) to talk about credit reports and scores, required income levels, security deposits, co-signers, roommates, pets, fees and more. Realty & Mortgage manages thousands of apartments in more than 100 buildings, and its policies are typical of those prevailing at established apartment management companies in Chicago.

Rental policies for individual landlords, and fees associated with moving into and out of condominium buildings vary widely.

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