Want to take a dip? Few options available for renters in the winter

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and 9 degrees outside…time to practice that butterfly! Year-round swimming isn’t a problem at a lot of condo high-rises, but it’s not an option in many downtown apartment buildings. So far I’ve identified two rental developments with indoor pools: Burnham Pointe, at 730 S Clark St in the South Loop, and Aqua, at 225 N Columbus Dr on the New East Side. What do they have in common? Condos — Burnham Pointe started life as a condo project, and Aqua was designed from the outset to have a condo component.

Burnham Pointe’s Web site describes the building’s pool as a two-lane resistance pool with an adjacent whirlpool and sauna. Aqua’s Shore Club features a 25-foot lap pool with an iPod docking station, meaning you can kick and stroke to your favorite tunes. You can see that pool in the opening scene of this video from July:

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