We love lists: Chicago's "soft" lofts

Inside the Elston Timber Lofts

Authentic lofts are still a fashionable choice for new home buyers in Chicago, but there can be drawbacks to living in many industrial lofts. Timber lofts are often loud, rooms are usually separated by partial-height walls, and bedrooms often don’t have their own windows.

Fortunately, buyers who love the feel of exposed brick walls and ductwork but require the comforts of a new-construction condo can have it both ways. New-construction “soft lofts” have been multiplying in Chicago over the years, and they come in many shapes and sizes. I took a few minutes and browsed through NewHomeNotebook.com, compiling a list of all active developments that bill themselves as lofts, but that are actually new-construction.

As always, the list is a work-in-progress, so if you find a development that belongs on the list (or that should be removed from it), let us know about it in the comments section.

View our list of “soft lofts” at NewHomeNotebook.com.

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